Something wrong, then I push clutch pedal

  • Hello everyone! I'll write in English because I don't know Germany's language well.
    There is one problem with my VW GOLF II 1.6 '84.
    I was driving through the street and everything was OK. Then I pushed clutch pedal to change gear. Auto started to make a lot of noise. After that I let off clutch pedal and engine started to take on too many turns. Even on the second gear I can reach speed of more than 60km.
    Now, every time, then I push the clutch pedal, car make a lot of noise and vibrations. On the neutral gear it takes off too many turns, too. Have you got any suggestions?

    P.S. Please, answer in English.

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  • What kind of noise does it make?
    1). It's just like a normal noise then the engine takes many turns. But it's very loud sound and it comes then I push clutch pedal or if the car stands on neutral gear.

    Just the engine when it turns up or anything else?
    2). Then I turn 1st gear, car starts to get speed too fastly, like it goes on the 4-th gear. Even if I keep my foot away from gas pedal. So I always need to push break pedal. Nothing else.

  • Your car speeds up by itself?

    Do you know your engine-letters? Look in the service-book, there must be a information-lable (paste-on lable) with informations of your car. The same paste-on lable have to be in the trunk. If the lable is in German there stand "MKB" or "MotorKennBuchstabe" and then two Letters for your Engine. I think you have the EZ-Engine because is was the only 1.6-Engine in 1984. (Link) But look for the MKB to make it sure.

    Its a Lable like this.

    Das muss das Boot abkönnen...!

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  • I had the same Faillure, i drove out on the right Side, stop the Car, shaken or un&replug all Cableconnections, and now it runs fine without any Failure.

    My Engine is the 1.6 "PN" Modell, and it starts to Throttle up at itself to 3000-3500 RPM.

    Driving at this time was not easy, cause the Car likes to Run, and you like to slow em down.-> if you push the Clutch "BOOAAARRR", and in other Way, you stand nonstop by 40 Miles/h on the Brake ? :O I dont know, what the driver behind me was thinking. I dont like to :D . Easy goinig Speed and that Guy in Front, always lightin up the Brake?!?! !00% i Bet, my Brakediscs was red-glowing :D

    My first time was on a Redlight, and everybody starts lookin at me, cause my engine roars like a Crazy.

    And when my Enginetemperatur was Normal (Middle on Scale), is was completelly gone ? I think it was a water-sweaty connetion.

    It starts in Autumn when the Fog makes the car Wet in the morning. Or Maybe the Connetion is lost over The Years in the Plug - I Shake it all, and its gone !

  • Your car speeds up by itself?
    Yes, It does. EZ engine is established in my car. To be honest, the car was built in the end of 1983.

    Hotpack, It seems you are right I have almostly the same problem. I was laughting reading you message.
    But I didn't understood, what have really you done? What is those water-sweaty connections? Is it a cable with water which cools off engine?

  • No. Now i knew the Word - STEAM. I think it was Fog-Steam in the Plugs. Its was only an electrical problem on my Engine. The Plugproblem make the Injection think wrong, and the Injector turns the Gas to high.

    I disconnect all Electrical-Plugs from the engine i was seen. I blow them all out (With a Powerfull breath) an Plug it again on his Place. On last i rattle on the Plugs a little bit, to make shure the connection is there.

    And at this moment the Problem was solved - i had it (at this time) never more again.

    I hope my English/American is good enough to understand what i mean. :D

    An unsere: Gibts nen EZ Motor? - Ich glaube evtl. er meint den PN ? 1.6L is doch der PN!

  • Thanks, Hotpack
    I'm going to try to remove and place plugs back again. However in my car is carburater, so there are less connections than in the engines with Injectors.

    P.S. Your English is good, I think. English is not my native language too. (Ich bin aus
    Litauen und russisch ist mein Muttersprachen)

    added at 14:10
    Nothing happened then I tried to clean connections, so the problem still exsist.


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